Back in the earliest days of The Lunacy Board, before we knew where we were going or what we could do, we started off with some tentative improvised jam sessions. These were totally freeform, with no planned structure, inspired by the work of bands like Can, Pink Floyd and others to find musical patterns in an initially chaotic mass of sound. Though our focus gradually turned to more structured songs, albeit often with improvised instrumental sections, we continued to record a track or two of improvisation at recording sessions over the last two years. These improvisations form the majority of pieces on this album.

The Movie

Somewhere along the line, we discussed alternative avenues for Board projects. Sean had a screenplay in need of a screen, Mick was dabbling in Machinima (a form of computer animation) and the two interests came together. ‘Stockholm’ is a gritty tale of friendship, mental illness, crime and choices set in Glasgow across a ten year period. An early test-run of a scene is available on the Video page of this site.

It was decided that this would be a good vehicle for the music generated by the more experimental side of the Board, and that we could use existing and new improvisations to support the final production. The dialogue has mostly been recorded, and work continues slowly on the digital ‘filming’ of the screenplay.


Mick Bordet: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Theremin
Sean de Florette: Guitar, Bass, Drums