Dateline 2005: Two errors from the margins of commercial oblivion try to crawl from the wreckage of mediocrity to serve up a salvo of dissent; one multi-titled, multi-faceted sound engineer, songwriter and svengali with the cult rarity outfit “The Deserters”, Mick Bordet and an escapee from the counselling arena one-time poet and curator of progressive fashion disaster “The Heath Robinson Formulae”, Sean de Florette…

2006: After much casting of runes, electro-convulsive therapy and a trip to see Van der Graaf Generator, the unspoken shibboleth of The Lunacy Board was hatched. A heady cocktail of happiness, malt whisky infused, clashing with a desire to man the barricades of REAL music that spits fury and stings with the sweet venom of the Ichneumonidae…

2007: The Board are coming to your town, get certified today and join the psychonauts on a journey of necessary dementia precox, as we traverse the outer reaches of subtopia in search of meaning in a world where golf takes the place of feeling…..

THE LUNACY BOARD: vaccinated against mediocrity, wise to the lies….

“Cynicism is simply emotional creosote…it keeps out the hard rain of disappointment, but makes your shed look crap!” Rev Stanford Razall from “Non-tactical weapons in the age of idiocy” (1996)

If you’re looking for some background information, try reading through Mick Bordet’s blog here which provides some sort of introduction to the project.

You can also contact us at either:
mick[at]lunacyboard[dot]com or sean[at]lunacyboard[dot]com