The Map is My Enemy

The Map is My EnemyFour of Sean’s books are now available in print:

The Map is My Enemy
A breathless, mad ride through the demi monde of New York City. Described as a ‘Caledonian Hunter S Thompson’, Urquhart takes the reader into perilous situations, with a drink and an obscure verse for each journey.

I never did like the sound of the bagpipes
A navigation through austerity London, through the lens of Christy, a ex-soldier with PTSD on the margins of an atomised society. His life of unremitting greyness on the fringes of Walthamstow alters forever over the course of a drunken odyssey of a weekend with his old Forces compadre Alec.

Lone Bodies
A fevered journey through the minds of various ‘lone bodies’ in the borough of Walthamstow, East London. Linked by tangents, the characters herein vary from barroom psychotics, lone wolf agitators to neighbourhood fixer, the mysterious Graham The Lion. Drawn together by more than mere fate, the tensions surrounding these players reach a crescendo faster than a kitten in an amphetamine frenzy.

The Punishment of Luxury
A companion piece to ‘Lone Bodies’. A return to the febrile madness of the first book. From Glasgow to London. From inner to outer limits of sanity. The onion layers of the protagonists peel back to reveal some intriguing back stories. A breathless ride.

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