Lust and Longing in New York

Sean has a new book out (in eBook format only at the moment) available on Amazon and also Best Thinking.

Here’s the blurb:

Lust & Longing in New York is a Gonzo-style journey into the concrete heart of America. A next-gen incarnation of Hunter S. Thompson, Scottish poet and writer Sean Urquhart exposes his mind, body, and soul to NYC, and the city’s darkest vestiges seep out from beneath their modern-day sheen to greet him. With a head full of madness and drugs, Urquhart traverses Manhattan’s maze of streets, bars, hotels, subways, and subversive characters, offering unfiltered descriptions of his sights, sounds, and experiences. In a stream-of-consciousness (and often unconscious) style, Urquhart deals with his own internal despair as well as a motley crew of misguided fellow Scots, drunken sympathizers, drug dealers (and sharers), mysterious women, and run-of-the-mill American drones. His gripping prose monologue is offset with inspired, one-of-a-kind poetry that brings his alcohol-addled vision of The Big Apple to unsettling life. You’ll alternately pity and pull for Urquhart as he grapples with substance abuse, shady characters, and internal conflict, all the while unwilling or unable to escape the fate he’s arranged for himself. Lust & Longing in New York is a reckless, riveting experience that is as unforgettable as the great city itself.