Mick has followed up his instrumental album, ‘Obscurities’, with another selection of quirky instrumentals, this time featuring pieces played on everything from flute and zither through to knives and fire engine nozzles.

More information at Mick’s blog, or just listen to it below:


Mick has released new album of instrumental music, accompanied by a novella, called ‘Obscurities‘.

ObscuritiesBookThe eBook is also available at Smashwords in formats for all the usual eReaders.

As if that wasn’t enough, the story will also be appearing in audio podcast form over the next few weeks at Every Photo Tells…
The audio version of the story includes snippets of music from the album, so is also a good way to hear some of the music and immerse yourself in the story at the same time.

Red Nose Net

Mick and “The Furfurescent Choir” have created a song for this year’s Comic Relief effort, via Red Nose Net – an internet-based group promoting Red Nose Day outside the UK. The song is called “Big Red Nose” and will be featured within the video webcast which will be running all day on 13th March 2009.